About Me

Hi, I Am Chinny Ivy

Welcome to my little internet space. I love to write especially about my fun experiences.

I’m a travel blogger and also a restaurant reviewer. In my work, I share my personal experiences when I go to a new place or a new restaurant, just to guide and help you know what to expect.

Are you new here? Stuck in your hotel room? Come on, let’s explore together, I’d show you fun places to try out.


To shake things up, why don’t I tell you the music I’m listening to while I’m writing any blog post, you can tell me yours, if you want.

Welcome to a place where you travel the world through my eyes.



  • Enjoyment and I are bestfriends.
  • I spend most of my time reading novels.
  • I listen to music a lot, especially songs that tell about the artist’s personal story.
  • I love spending time with friends as much as I love spending time with myself.
  • Instagram and Youtube are my favourite social media platforms, and I even have a Youtube channel, you should check it out.
  • I’m Igbo,just incase you’re trying to figure that out from my name.
  • I love sunglasses a lot


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Thank you for taking out time to get to know me. I appreciate your visit to the blog. Let’s have fun together.