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DATE OF VISIT: 19th December, 2020

With the holiday spirit in the air, we were greeted by a cheerly door man and a Christmas tree. I visited with my mum but she had a meeting in the same venue.

Christmas Tree at Apples

I went straight to the counter to order something to eat. At the counter, a TV with slideshow of every pastry with the prices. I ordered for a meat pie and1/3 litre of ice cream, I was given strawberry flavored ice cream, even though I was not asked which flavor I wanted, I was going for the strawberry though.

Prices of pastries are within the ranges on N200 – N350,I think the pricing is just right. Jellof rice, fried rice and other rice combinations were also sold at this food counter.

I paid cash and was given a receipt, I could see other customers pay with their cards through a working POS Machine. The staff at the food counter were jovial and worked fast, I like that I didn’t have to stand for long.

By 2:22pm when I got here, all seats were taken downstairs so I took my tray upstairs. Well, to order Nigerian dishes termed “Africana” [by the company] ,such as soups, you have to go upstairs. Upstairs had a lot of space!

The prices of Africana is within the ranges of N500 – N1200. Also, all kinds of soft drinks, fruit juices were sold at the food counter upstairs, but I doubt if alcohol is sold here.

Africana Menu at Apples


Meatpie at Apples

Let’s talk a bit about what I order. I ordered meat pie remember? The dough was not too crispy or too soft, It was just right. My meat was cooked in the right proportion. I really loved it.

My ice-cream was so frozen that I could not dig my spoon in it so I had to wait for a while so it can defrost. My experience afterward was just sweet like lollipop.

Ice cream and meat pie at Apples


Decor at Apples

Talking about the décor makes me so happy because it was so homely, with little Christmas decorations and chandelier like balloons in red, gold and grey.

Almost every corner had fake green plants, I think getting real plants will be so stressful to maintain. Green is a happy colour and you know what they say, “when you see green, you see life and you see growth”, I don’t know who said that but it’s true, you know that right?

Decor at Apples
Green plants at Apples

The atmosphere was calm, the air condition was the right temperature, you cannot say you are cold or hot, just the right temperature. What I loved the most is the peace and quiet, I was able to concentrate and read my book, ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama.


Sitting arrangements at Apples

With the sitting arrangement, it’s obvious you can visit with a friend, or group of friends or even with your kids.

The seats provided for your group of friends are kept in the middle of the room and at the end of the room. For couples or you just came with a friend, your seats are at the right side and left side of the room. That way everyone is comfortable and no one would excuse themselves before they can leave their seats.

For the kids, there is a playground once you come through from the door, at the right. They don’t have to go upstairs and you know that kids and stairs do not go well. To avoid causalty, the playground is kept downstairs.


From the door man to the staff at the food counters were jovial and in a good mood and polite. This place has staff that come to take plates and trays of customers who have finished eating and left. You don’t have to come in and see an empty seat with dirty plates and trays on the table, for that, I must commend this place.

I’d give this place 4 stars, excellent, brilliant service, appealing atmosphere, helpful staff and good food.

Photo of me at Apples

I’d definitely visit here again, and I’d try one of the Africana dishes.
Would you visit? Have you visited before? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments.
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