Baby Wipes or Makeup Wipes


 Ever had a long, tiring day and you can’t wait to get into bed, but then you remember you have to clean your face or remove your makeup?

 Normally, instead of going to the bathroom to do the needful, wipes[either baby wipes or makeup remover wipes] is the surest shortcut.

 In case you don’t know what a makeup remover wipes is, it is a soft cloth like material soaked facial cleanser to break down makeup particles to get rid of makeup products or dirt. I’d just assume you know what baby wipes is originally used for.

 I have used makeup remover wipes a few times and honestly, I never want to do that again. My skin is really sensitive so the first time I tried it, after cleaning my face, I felt like my face was on fire. Few minutes later, my face itching. And oh Lord, it wasn’t fun and to make it worse, my face started breaking out.

You know, I just told myself, maybe it’s just the brand and so I tried another brand and the same thing happened [I don’t remember these brands because it was  a long time ago],I dumped all of them in a waste bin and concluded that makeup wipes are not for me.

 Again, I did ask  a lot of ladies about their preference before writing this blog post  and the interesting thing is that a lot of them actually love and have no complains about makeup wipes . Whatever was used for the manufacturing of this wipes is definitely harsh on my skin.

My Alternative

 My alternative for the longest time has been baby wipes. I just felt since the product is manufactured for babies and the manufacturers are aware that the skin of babies are delicate, perhaps, the ingredients will not be harsh.

During my time of shopping for baby wipes, I realized that some baby wipes contain alcohol and although I have used some, I still go for the alcohol free baby wipes.

I never stick with one brand, there are so many out there and sometimes I like to try them out .  But I’ve used Dr. Browns’ baby wipes the longest and I strongly recommend it.

Baby Wipes or Makeup Wipes

Where You Can Get Wipes

  I get my wipes in local markets, malls, supermarkets. Since I’m recommending  Dr. Browns’ baby wipes, you can get it on their website and you can check out their Instagram page just in case you wish to know more about their products.

Dr Browns’ baby wipes is sold from N500 – N 700 depending on the size. I also think baby wipes are more economical than makeup wipes.

Are you Team Baby Wipes or Team Makeup Wipes? And why?

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