Photo of sitting arrangements Upstairs at Crunchies Plus

Crunchies Plus,Aba,Abia state, Restaurant Review

DATE OF VISIT: 30TH December,2020
: Obikabia Road, Ogbor Hill, Aba, Abia


Walking into this place, seeing the doors wide open, I quickly found a seat to settle down, I was waiting for my friend. There was just this annoying noise coming from the television but I could not figure out where it was because the television at the food counter was showing slideshow of dishes and it was mute.

Finally I went upstairs because it looks like it had a little privacy, I realized that the noise was coming from the television upstairs from a music video. My friend went to order our food, he was at the counter for more than 40 minutes because of the long line of customers there.

Even as the world is under a second wave of pandemic, this eatery didn’t really care if you had a mask or not.


Food Review at Crunchies Plus

My friend got me fried rice and chicken and I was panicking a little because I thought the chicken was going to be spicy,I cannot bear eating spicy foods.

A little cabbage and carrot was spinkled on the fried rice,I could literally count them but I feel like this gave a whole vibe to eating the rice. Again, the spices and flavors were just exceptional. I loved the food.

When I decided to eat the chicken, I found out that it was notn as spicy as I thought. The chicken was cooked to the right proportion. Although the outer skin was a bit fried but the inner skin absorb the spices which made it more delicious to eat.


Let’s talk a bit about the décor. I was greeted by bright, happy colours, the walls and floor were painted lemon green and yellow.

Chandelier- like blub hanging in the ceiling and the Christmas decoration were still hanging on the walls and the staircase rails,but the whole combination was beautiful.

Decor at Crunchies Plus


With the sitting arrangement, it’s obvious you can visit with a friend, or group of friends or even with your kids.

There’s a playground for children at left hand side of the room when you come in through the door.

Downstairs, there are seats upholstered with colourful cushions that are positioned facing each other. You can have the seat if you have a small group of party or if you just came with a friend. But the deal is that, you don’t have your privacy, like, if it’s a party of two, another person can still sit with your party, you understand?

Downstairs sitting arrangements at Crunchies Plus

Upstairs, you have seats exclusive for a party of two and you also have seats for group of friends situated at the end side of the room.

Photo of sitting arrangements Upstairs at Crunchies Plus

After a while, I noticed that the doorman returned to his post. No staff came upstairs to know how the customers were doing. Customer’s dirty plate are kept on their tables, the next customer has to come to clear the table to be able to sit down.

I’d give this restaurant 2 stars,the food was delicious,the environment was beautiful but I have no interest in visiting again.

Have you ever visited? Let me know your experience in the comments. Thank you for reading.

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  1. You cannot bear spicy foods? What?!
    I swear the only thing am liking about this restaurant is the food. Remind me not to visit this branch.

    Thanks for the review.

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