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Do Oraimo Gadgets live up to the Hype? – Product Review

Have you been in situations where you buy a gadget and its durability is not as promised? That frustration is exhausting but it’s what I have not experienced with oraimo products.

Let’s face the truth, we buy gadgets from certain brands because no matter what, we want to get the value of our money and enjoy it.

My brother has been obsessed with Oraimo products and I never understood why until I started using their products.

I’ll give review on all Oraimo products and my brother’s, so enjoy this ride.

ORAIMO  EARBUD (2 baba edition)

I own Oraimo  Freepod 2 and my brother owns Oraimo Freepod 3 which is an upgrade from the Freepod 2, I have used both of them so I’d give my review separately;

Oraimo Freepod 2

My Freepod 2 is designed beautifully, Shiny Black with gold inscriptions. It’s very light and the earbud fits perfectly into your ear, even if your ears are small like mine.

oraimo Freepod 2

The charging box are  small sized and can be pushed into a tight jean.

You can use this earbuds for a very long time, when the charging box is fully charged, it can charge the earbuds 6 times and more.  The charging box fully charges the earbud in less than 30 minutes.

Sometimes, what I do is to use one earbud at a time, while the other is charging, that way ,I have a lot of music playtime.

The audio game is amazing, the bass is just right, I love it.

Price: N12,000

Oraimo Freepod 3

Oraimo Freepod 3

This is a clear upgrade from Freepod 2. It is everything Freepod 2 is and more.

It has a  kind of a matte finish, black with gold inscriptions, imagine how beautiful the design is.

With this, you don’t have worry about battery  because the battery life is 5-8 hours after charged fully.

It has water and dust resistance which makes it perfect for work out,sporting and so on.

It has an enhanced bass and the most beautiful about it is that it has environmental noise cancellation, if you are type that loves to drown in music wherever you are, these bad boys are for you. But when you remove the silicone tip, this feature is gone, so to have the noise cancellation effect, those silicone tip must be on.

The charging box uses type C USB cord.

PRICE: N17,000

 The common shortcoming about the both earbud is that sometimes, caller from the other end complain that they strain their ears to hear me, I can’t remember how many I’ve had to disconnect my earbud during call conversations so the other person can hear me.


Oraimo 10000 MAH Powerbank

This powerbank is slim and lightweight, in black colour which makes it more stylish.

The Oraimo inscription on it is not visible, you may search for a while to know that the product is from Oraimo.

This powerbank charges fully within 2 hours and charges your device fast,2 to 3 times.

Have you used powerbanks that heat up during charge periods or heat up your device as well? I never experienced this with  Oraimo Powerbank.

Price: N6,000


Oraimo Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker sound is so amazing and crisp. The bass is top notch.

It has a memory card slot and a silicone handle for easy carrying.

This Bluetooth speaker quite lightweight . the Bluetooth speaker last for 5 – 7 hours after fully charged.

Price: N 11,000


Oraimo Charger Kit

After having issues with phone charger for the longest time, buying oraimo charger kit has been my bliss moment.

My device charges fast, within 30 minutes, if you’re always using your phone and it’s always low, this bad boy is for you.

Price: N2500

 Oraimo gadgets are pricey but they are worth every coin, highly recommended. I love the black gadgets but I’d want Oraimo to stick with black gadgets with Gold inscriptions, they look so stylish and aesthetic.


You can get it from any local electronic shop around you or even the malls. You can also get them from Oraimo official website .

You can get them from Jumia by clicking here .

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NOTE: This review was not sponsored by Oraimo.

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