Gold or Silver Jewelry

Gold or Silver,Which one suits you perfectly?

You must have heard that jewelries are one fashion necessity, that jewelries can elevate simple clothes from a 0 to 100.

But have you ever seen how perfectly a piece of jewelry suits someone and you decide to get the same piece of jewelry but it doesn’t give you the same effect?

This is because there are somethings you should consider before you get a piece of jewelry.

Skin Tone

Skin tone is really important. We have two skin tones:
• Warm Skin tone
• Cool Skin tone

The most common way to know which skin tone you have is to look at your wrist and find out the colour of your veins.

If your veins are green, you’re warm toned. This means that jewelries in gold will suit your skin perfectly.

If your veins are blue,then you’re cool toned. Jewelries in Sliver will suit your skin.

Sliver Jewelry

But a piece of jewelry in Rose Gold will complement both Warm tones and Cool tones.

Colour of Outfit

If your outfit is a warm earth toned colour, that is colours containing the colour of the soil like brown and tan,then Gold jewelry is best suited .

If your outfit is a cool toned colour,colours like black,white,grey, Sliver jewelry is best suited.

Where You Can Get Your Jewelry

I get most of my jewelries from AliExpress. I recommend AliExpress.

You can get your jewelries from Instagram vendors. I may not strongly recommend any because i haven’t bought from any Instagram store but you can try out the black sheep company on Instagram, my friend tried them recently and their products are quite impressive.

Regardless of this,what choose to wear is entirely up to your personal preference.

Now,what’s your skin tone?

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