Great Place For PICNIC in Uyo, AkwaIbom State

Great Place For PICNIC In Uyo,AkwaIbom State.

Picnic is a great outdoor activity especially for large parties and you stumbled on this post because if you’re searching for a great place for Picnic in Uyo. I have just the right place.

Park for Picnic in Uyo, AkwaIbom State

This place is close to ST. Brian Model School. I’d tell you just how to locate it.

From Nwainba,Stop by Power City at Brooks Street. Ask any indigene rider for the park along the street,you’d find it. But if you know ST. Brian Model School,the park is just close to the school.

Getting into the park,it has a very large space. I don’t even want to overemphasize,see this video below.

Just in case you came earlier than your parties,this park has tables and seats made of marble,where you can chill out.

Be careful before you sit,the seat are under the sun so they are hot as hell.

Table and Seat at the park for Picnic

This park has a ravine but that is situated at the far left hand side of the park, you’ve to be careful if you’re going to check it out, especially if you’ve fear for height.

Ravine at park

The Air here is clean,the grasses are neat, although the trees look like they are dying off,they still provide shade from the sun.


As long as no one has taken that space,you can use any space in the park.

I’ve have to warn you though,bring everything you need because it’s difficult to find things like water,fruits etc.,around this park. You’d have walk around Brooks Street to find what you want.

Loud music is allowed.

After your picnic,you will find Refuse Bins in the middle of the park,you should try to tidy your space before you leave the park.

I hope you have loads of fun during your picnic as I did.

Group photo of the picnic

Have you visited? Is there any great place for Picnic you’d like me to visit?

Photo of me during Picnic
Me in Picnic park in Uyo, AkwaIbom State

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  1. My guuurrrrlll you are doing well.
    What I did not like about this park is that the trees are not big enough to shade somebody so it is preferable to go in the evenings and carry everything you need I mean it


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