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LA Colors Nail Polish: Review

If you have never painted your own nails,you will not understand that not all nail polishes come in great qualities.

I don’t think I’ve painted my own nails prior to the Lockdown. I just walk into a salon, choose any colour from brand available,talk or do any other thing that doesn’t require the use of hands for a while and leave with a perfectly manicured nails.

During the Lockdown,the first few months, my toe nails were chipped and looked unkempt.

I decided to do something about my nail situation, so I took my mom’s (LA Colors) nail polishes to try them out.

I appreciate that LA Colors nail polish come with small brushes. This helps so you don’t smear the polish when applying them.

I know that nail polishes I see in the salon has a bigger brushes and when it smears, the nail technician will expertly clean it off with a remover but who has that time, certainly not me,lol.

I also appreciate that LA Colors nail polishes don’t have this strong alcohol (Whatever chemical use to manufacture them) smell that can choke all air out of your lungs or make you sneeze.

LA Colors nail polishes takes less than 20 minutes to dry but if your nails is coated 2 to 3 times,it will take longer time.

The Consistency of the nail polish is enough is paint at least 2 fingers. So,it doesn’t take much to paint your finger nails and toe nails

But my finger nails begins to chip the next day, my toe nails will begin to chip after 2 weeks. Now,I use LA Colors nail polishes on my gel nails or acrylic nails(artificial nails) because I found out it sticks the nail till I decided to remove the nails.

Price and How you can get LA Colors Nail Polish

From LA Colors website,Nail Polish is $3 each(N1300). You can get from LA Colors website or send them a direct message on Instagram.

I recommend this product.
Would you get LA Colors nail polish? Which colour would you buy?

4 thoughts on “LA Colors Nail Polish: Review”

  1. I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t have that annoying smell, I hate it!
    Will definitely be getting some in black, blue, brown and nude.
    Thanks for sharing!

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