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Market Square,Aba,Abia State -Review

DATE OF VISIT: 24th January,2021

Who said grocery shopping is not fun?
It used to be so stressful because we had to get our groceries from the market (and if you have been to any market in any state in Nigeria, you’d understand what I’m talking about),until gorcery stores started springing up.

After the first lockdown was eased, Market Square was finally open to the public,my family and I do our groceries shopping there so I have been to Market Square a good number of times.

The first thing I love about Market Square is that it has a large parking space,you don’t ever have to complain about parking space. Also, there’s an “IN” driveway and an “EXIT” driveway.
So there is no need for cars trying to go in or out at the same time thereby causing traffic (as you know, Nigerians don’t have patience)

Parking space at Market Square

Getting into Market Square,you cannot get in without a mask. It’s “NO MASK,NO ENTRY” ,and a sign is right there in the entrance. But in case you don’t have a mask,there are some people who sell it around,so you can get one.

No Mask No Entry Post Sign at Market Square

Before getting into the main building, you’d be asked to drop your bag,your bag is kept somewhere safe and a number tally is given to you. You can remove your valuables though but your bag will be untouched. After shopping,you give back the tally in exchange for your bag.

Photo of Drop Bag at Market Square

Now, we’re at the main building, you’re given a drop of sanitizer before you go in. The carts are right there in front.

Ranging from foodstuffs to hair products to electronics, you’d find products from assorted brands. For my hair products,I like to use products from ‘Kakiva’ and Market Square is the first and only place I have seen this beautiful brand.

Pricing at Market Square

Comparing prices of products in Market Square and else where(Like the market or other stores),I agree it’s ‘Shop More and Pay Less’

Staff Decorum at Market Square

The staff here are so helpful and so polite. There’s a staff who is in charge of making sure the customers keep their mask on,the guy just walks around and ask you to put on your mask properly in a polite manner.

Also,for security reasons, customers are not allowed to take pictures of their products,if you do,a staff will approach you and ask to delete the photo and also in a polite manner.

You can take a picture of yourself though,I think it’s allowed,I see people take their pictures and I’ve taken a picture of myself too.

Photo of myself at Market Square

Getting to the checkout, although there are a lot of staff working at the checkout,there seems to be a long queue here. Some POS Machines are not working,which makes some staff go borrowing POS Machines from their colleagues to attend to their own customers, thereby wasting other customers’ time.

A receipt is given to you once your payment is confirmed. You are to submit the receipt to the staff at the door, who just gives the paper a little tear and gives it back to you.

You can go out to the parking lot with your cart and after offloading your purchased products to your car,you can leave it there, there’s a staff in charge of bringing in the cart.

My visits to Market Square has always been great and I’d visit again, anytime, anyday.

Would you visit here? Have you ever visited? Let me know in the comments.

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19 thoughts on “Market Square,Aba,Abia State -Review”

  1. I’m happy Uyo now has one too, I fucking hate markets!!!!!
    But if I ever visit Abia State, I’ll love to go here.

      1. apostleofprosperity

        I’m new here in Aba and have been looking for list of market square near me, please can you drop the list of market square addresses in Aba here. Thanks

  2. Yes I have. Market Square has finally made it to you. But I’m still low key loyal to shoprite tho. I agree shopping in the mall is so much more convenient than shopping in the market.

    1. Omorrr going to market is so stressful and the cost is no different from a shopping mall…. abeg shopping mall all the way and market square’s POS should better work in uyo oooo
      Cos I no get strength to wait

  3. Wow!!! I wish the new market square in Aks will ave good customer service like this one, but I would still love to give dis one a try…

  4. I bought a kylin extra cream yoghurt on 9/07/2021, from your company, and I decided to take it today been 11/07/2021, to my greatest shock the yoghurt has spoiled. Am very displeased with this outcome. Please look into it.

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