Nuet Café

Nuet Café,Uyo,Akwa Ibom State – Restaurant Review

My friends and I visited Nuet Café on 27th of June,2021 at 7:00 pm.

You can find it in Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre,Uyo, Udo Udoma Avenue. Get into the building, go upstairs and use Kilimanjaro as a landmark.( After Kilimanjaro, you’d see Nuet Café)

I couldn’t take pictures because of the lighting in the place,you guys know how much I love taking my own pictures so pictures in this blog post do not belong to me.

In Nuet Café,I found no door man at the door post so I had to struggle with the door to get in.

Once we got in, a waiter approached us with the menu. A black book with drinks and prices and even pictures of the drinks.

The hall is in two sections,the inner section is for the bar and Karoke.

While we were placing our orders,we were told they had no smoothie so we had to get milkshake.

We got our drinks in less than 15 minutes.

At Nuet Café,drinks from smoothie to milkshake to cocktail to champagne (and more) are available

Pricing At Nuet Café

Drinks are from N1500 up towards. The only drinks below N1500 is beer.

Who Can Visit Nuet Café

Nuet Café has table of two,four and a large party can visit because there is also a large long cushion.

There’s a table at the far end of the room and a paper written “Reserved” on the table.

We were sitting on the table before Reserved table,we were asked to move to another table two to three times to accommodate number of people for the Reserved table.

Drinks Review

Our table ordered Strawberry milkshake and Vanilla milkshake.

They both tasted great but Vanilla milkshake tasted better than Strawberry milkshake.

Staff Decorum

Staff at Nuet Café are really polite and nice. From the waiter who took our orders and also brought our bills after our drinks to the DJ who was in charge of Karoke were all polite while addressing us.

The staff clean up immediately a customer has gone. This place is really clean.

Karoke was supposed to be from 7-9pm but it was stopped by 8pm. The DJ came to apologise to us for not playing our song.

Special Thanks to my friends,Anizzy for helping me discover Nuet Café.

I’d give Nuet Café 4 stars, appealing atmosphere and excellent service except about asking us to switch tables.

Check out my vlog to see the inside of Nuet Café

Would you visit? Have you visited? Let us know your experience.

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