Oriflame Exfoliating Scrub

Oriflame Exfoliating Scrub: Product Review

Back Story

I’m very careful with products I try on my skin

Back in 2016, I went through a lot of ordeal from a skincare product that left my face in a mess.

I don’t have acne problems but my whole face was covered with rashes after using that product. I don’t remember the name though.

A dermatologist told me to steer clear from any skincare product for the time being but I should only continue to use my face and body cream I was using before the incidence.

Now, my face is back to normal but I’m still skeptical when choosing skincare products.

I heard about Oriflame Skincare Products back in 2017 because one of my friends was a consultant.

What drew my attention and love for Oriflame Skincare Products is that they are 100% Organic and they are made in Sweden.

Sweden products are known for their rich natural ingredients which focuses on enhancing your natural beauty without exposing you to harsh chemicals.

Product Review

Exfoliating is the second step after cleansing in a skincare routine.

Exfoliating is removing dead skin cells on the skin. It is believed to make the skin look better and also allow the skin absorb products applied and work effectively.

Oriflame Exfoliating Scrub is not a smooth lotion, it has particles in it so you have to apply it gently on the skin.

The instructions on this Scrub is “Lather and Rinse, Avoid Eye Area” and I follow the instructions exactly.

I advice you to use the scrub in small quantity as I’ve noticed that using large quantity of the Scrub causes more breakouts.

And oh, don’t forget to exfoliate your neck as well.

I have combined skin but the Oriflame Exfoliating Scrub says it’s perfect for all skin types

I exfoliate twice a week. I let the scrub sit on my face for 10 minutes and sometimes more.

The Oriflame Exfoliating Scrub is pretty much lightweight,you don’t feel anything on your skin even when it dries.

When you wash it off,your skin also feels soft and fresh. Your skin also feels dry and striped off of its natural oil so you’d need to use a moisturizer to return your skin to its natural glow.

Do you think you’d love this product? Will you try it out?

If your answer is in affirmative, then you can reach my friends, Ngozi and Samanda to get yours. Or you can check out Oriflame website

The thing about Oriflame Skincare Products is that it’s quite pricey. I got this scrub for N3000 or more,I cannot remember precisely. But investing in quality products is more important.

I only use Oriflame Exfoliating Scrub and a moisturizer for my face and my skin looks great with my natural look and complexion still intact. I highly recommend this product.

I should add more skincare products to my collection from Oriflame. I really should.

Oriflame Skincare Products

6 thoughts on “Oriflame Exfoliating Scrub: Product Review”

  1. This made a very good read. I’m not avid on skincare but I’m really looking forward to the days when I start spending my money on products… until then, I’ll live that life through you.lol

  2. I was about to ask for price then I saw it. Thanks for the information.
    I have an exfoliating scrub(that I don’t use) but will definitely try this one out soon.

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