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Why you always have Pocket Tissues

As much as I like to play it safe and stick with one brand when it comes personal products but pocket tissues aren’t in that list.

Pocket tissues are portable, absorbent, disposable paper suitable for immediate needs like wiping the face ,hands etc and can be used in different ways. They are great alternatives for handkerchiefs.

Pocket tissues are everyday essentials which you should take along wherever you go and since they are portable, that should be easy.

I know the gentlemen think pocket tissues are for ladies alone but that’s not true

Here is a review of pocket tissues brands I have used and the reasons you should invest in pocket tissues.


  • It saves you from public embarrassment. Have you heard of stories of people saying their stomach did not read the room? They suddenly start having running stomach and imagine if the restroom has no tissue paper, what do you think will happen.

And also, especially when you’re  using a public restroom, you can’t  guarantee that the lavatories are clean. It’s always safer to use your own.

  • It is a mid- day lifesaver if you’ve oily skin. People with oily skin will relate to the fact that during midday, our T- Zone shines because of excess oil. Grab a pocket tissue and dab your face to get rid of excess oil.
  • Life hack with pocket tissues. Wearing new shoes can be uncomfortable sometimes, especially when they cause blister on your feet. Grab a pocket tissues and stuff the shoe in a way that creates a barrier between your feet and the shoe material. Also it can be used as a toe separator  during a manicure to prevent nail polish from smearing.
  • It saves you from messy lunch or when you spill food.


The first brand I used and I fell in love with it instantly was Pura. I got Pura from a local shop when I started shopping for pocket tissues. It has a soft lovely feel and had a mild scent. It has good quality too, you know, the type that doesn’t shed easily and does the job well. I stuck with Pura for a long time before I couldn’t find it anymore.  It looks like the producers stop manufacturing it,that was when my search for other brands started.

Pura pocket tissue

I came across Banrut and I didn’t like the quality. It shreds easily and is way too soft.

Currently, my go to brands are Paloma and Syrflora. The products are 100% virgin wood pulp and has a soft feel with a mild scent. The only thing I may not like about Syrflora is that once the packet is opened, there is no way to protect from the tissues inside from dust or external forces because it doesn’t have the tape buckle. That’s something I really enjoy with Pura and Paloma.

I highly recommend Paloma. You can shop from any local shop or from Jumia by clicking here.

Have you tried any of these brands? Could you recommend more brands to try?

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